GPS for precision agriculture


To investigate whether the reduction in working time and fuel consumption can compensate the cost of a GPS (StarFire iTC) receiver installed on a tractor. Additionally we would like to know if the distribution of fertilizers on the field is significantly better using the GPS by placing boxes on specific places on the field during spreading of chemical fertilizer.
For farmers cultivating the field it is not always easy to orientate themselves and to determine the optimal track to follow. To optimize the followed track, accurate GPS systems offer opportunities.


By comparing the time and fuel required for the field cultivation with and without the GPS system we hope to conclude that it is beneficial to invest in a GPS installation. Also we hope to observe an improvement in homogeneity of the deposited fertilizer when using the GPS system and thus an more efficient and optimal use of fertilizers.

During the current tests with the GPS device we experienced the StarFire iTC sometimes has problems receiving the accurate SF2 signal in the vicinity of trees.