Knowledge Transfer Centre Hooibeekhoeve

Address Hooibeeksedijk 1
2440 Geel, Belgium
Tel. +32 14 85 27 07

Hooibeekhoeve is a research centre of the Province of Antwerp (Flanders), that carries out applied research and demonstrations and provides information in the domains of dairy farming, forage crops, rural development, landscape, environment and animal welfare.

Hooibeekhoeve is a contact point for the agricultural sector where (future) farmers and relevant sectors can be informed about different subjects of interest. It forms also the link with other organizations and policy makers for initiating research and discussion on policy measures.

Hooibeekhoeve recently opened a new dairy stable with an automated milking system and it is involved in different projects regarding for example small-scale water treatment, forage crops, fertility of dairy cows, energy savings on dairy farms, fertilization, etc.



Marijke Van Looveren -

Ilse Van den Broeck -

www.hooibeekhoeve.be (Dutch)

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