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Monitoring tool for integrated farm sustainability

Monitoring Tool for Integrated Farm Sustainability.
A multi-level radar graph to present the sustainability at farm level in a well-organized and attractive way. This prototype instrument consists of a hierarchical system comprising 3 levels. The first level consists of the 3 sustainability themes (economy, ecology, sociology), the second level comprises the different aspects of each theme (e.g. nutrient management, pesticides, energy and water use, soil quality, ... within the ecology theme). The third level encompasses indicators, each measuring one aspect (e.g. pH, organic matter., bacterial activity, erosion,... for soil quality).

For each level, a corresponding radar graph can be established. Before its positioning on the graph, the indicator measurement result is normalized. This means that (a) benchmarks are set (minimum = 0, maximum = 100) and (b) a utility function is defined relating the indicator measurement to the benchmarks. We score all indicators and then connect the data points within the circle. As such we end up with a star, showing the farm’s strong and weak sustainability issues.