Knowledge Transfer Centre Trévarez


Trévarez has an old tradition in farming knowledge transfer. In 1846, a farm school was set up and became a center for selection of Breton cattle breed. In 1968, the Local Council of Finistère repurchased the estate including a castle and a 85 hectares park. It entrusted the farm to the Chamber of Agriculture of Finistère to create an experimental farm.

The research activities focus on:

  • Dairy herd management for labour efficiency
  • Low feeding cost
  • Production of forage and grazing management
  • Reducing building cost
  • Environment (manures and organic resources, nitrogen and GGE fluxes)
  • Nutritionnal quality of milk
  • Heifers feeding and managment

A challenge for the future is to combine good quality of life for the dairy farmers (good income and few work), protection of the environment and production to feed the people. Several ways are possible to take up this challenge. Three of them are compared in Trévarez.


Pascal Le Cœur -

Station expérimentale de Trévarez

St Goazec

29520 Chateauneuf du Faou


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