Knowledge Transfer Centre Lycée Technique Agricole

Address 72, avenue Salentiny
L-9080 Ettelbruck,Luxembourg
Tel. +35 2 81 85 25-1 / +35 2 81 85 25 -702

Founded in 1883, the Lycée Technique Agricole (LTA) is the only agricultural school in Luxembourg. It educates students as conscious young farmers allowing them to run an agricultural farm in a sustainable manner. Our pedagogical concept is based on combining theory with practice by persistently linking research to professional agricultural enterprises.


In order to support this pedagogical concept, LTA performs permanent field demonstrations and successfully cooperates with national and international project partners since many years. The main objective of the interdisciplinary grassland team of LTA is to convert scientific into practically applied knowledge by setting up all kind of tough tools and to transfer knowledge and skills to up-and-coming farmers.
The LTA also offers a basic cycle, training in forestry and environment, horticulture and agricultural mechanics.


Michel Santer