Knowledge Transfer Centre Landwirtschaftliches Zentrum Baden-Württemberg

Address Atzenberger Weg 99
D-88326 Aulendorf, Germany
Tel. +49 7525 942 300

LAZBW Aulendorf, founded as Melkerschule in 1932 and Versuchsanstalt für Grünlandwirtschaft und Futterbau (1949), is one of eight governmental agricultural institutions for applied research in Baden-Württemberg belonging to the Ministry of Rural Affairs in Stuttgart.

The knowledge transfer center is organized in 7 Departments and 11 units. These are occupied e.g. with education and livestock farming, cattle breeding, grassland management and forage conservation, forage production, milk processing, wildlife and fishing, water protection and Natura 2000.

General objectives are:

  • the support of ministry of agriculture
  • applied research in all fields of cattle production, grassland, dairy food, dairy processing,
  • wildlife and fisheries
  • information for advisory services
  • special practical education and further training for farmers and cattle producers,
  • laboratory assistants, fish farmers and fishermen

Focus lies on applied research, further training, extension and experiments in the field with the intension to improve the environmental sustainability of agriculture.

Core themes are to mitigate the gaseous emissions (green house gases and NH3), to improve the mineral
utilization (N, P, K) and to enhance the herd management in relating to low input/low cost feeding systems as well as animal health.


Dr. Anita Herre