Knowledge Transfer Centre De Marke (NL)

Address Roessinkweg
7255 PC Hengelo, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 575 467 323

Founded in 1989 De Marke is one of the experimental farms of Wageningen UR Livestock Research. Focus lies on research, extension and education in the field of environmental issues with the objective to improve the environmental sustainability of dairy farms. Core research themes are to mitigate gaseous emissions (Green House Gases and NH3) and to enhance mineral utilization (Nitrogen). These aspects will become first limiting for Dutch dairy farming development in the near future.

For extension and education De Marke’s objective is to improve management skills and increase awareness of new perspectives of dairy famers and agricultural students.

De Marke is part of the Dutch project ‘Cows & Opportunities’.


Léon Šebek

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