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Field record ProFlura

ProFlura is an commercial field record system that offers the following applications:

  • parcel directories can be imported from FIONA (internet application for collecting parcel directories and viewing these informations by Geographic Information System)
  • calculation of manure demand (incl. N-demand), humus balance, nutrient balance (can be linked with Naebi [DE02])
  • management of area according to the erosion land register
  • pesticide inventory book: indication, waiting time, standard application rate, input, output, end of admission, residual quantity, risk class, etc.
  • rating of measures
  • inventory book for mineral fertiliser: input, output, residual quantity
  • rating and comparison of prices for mineral fertiliser
  • management of parcels and rented areas (addresses, term of contracts, maturity date, etc.)
  • management of machinery
  • management of staff
  • check of Cross Compliance
  • calculation of nutrient balance and manure demand for a specific parcel taking soil sample and Nmin-value into account
  • documentation of storage and transport: ventilation, control, damage event, treatment, stock removal, shipping documents
  • cultivation plan/crop rotation and valuation of cultural cycle
  • management of grassland: maintenance, sowing, plant protection, harvest of all cuts