Germany - Baden-Württemberg

Agriculture in Ireland utilizes 63% of total land area and has a big environmental impact accounting for 70% of phosphorus and 82% of nitrogen in surface waters, and for 97% of ammonia, 81% of nitrous oxide and 86% of methane emissions to air. Phosphorus loss to water is Ireland’s most serious pollution problem.

Environmental regulations and main constraints

Permitted farm yard manure is 170 kg N/ha (including excretion during grazing), a maximum of 230 kg N/ha from slurry of animal excreta is only allowed with special official approval.
Application period: 1 Feb - 31.October (grassland till 14. November). Since January 1, 2010 application of slurry with equipment with uncontrolled dispersion is not allowed.
Preparation of nutrient balance and humus balance is obligatory: permitted balance between -75 kg humus-C/ha/year and +125 kg humus-C/ha/year.

From July 1, 2010 there will be a soil erosion land register that will force farmers not to plough agriculture areas that are classified to have a high risk of soil erosion. Furthermore prices for renting agriculture area are rising because of local competition between dairy farms and biogas plants (we have more than 600 biogas plants in Baden-Württemberg).

Water quality of the region

Nitrate contents are continuously decreasing because of reduction of N input. Depending on ecological factors at different locations and planted cultures, the groundwater status can be not very good. For reaching the required good status till 2015 there have been implemented additional measure programmes like SchALVO and MEKA.
Phosphate contamination has declined by 60-70 % since 1985. Problems might exist in areas with high livestock density.

Average region information

Agriculture area 57 ha
% grassland 49
% forage crops (maize…) 12
% others crops 28
Mineral fertilizer per ha 64.7 kg N
6.8 kg P2O5
11.5 kg K2O
67.3 kg CaO
Dairy cows 41
Milk per cow 6,221 kg
Milk quota 251,000 kg
Main diet of the cows 20% grazed grassland
hay, 10% grazed grassland)
50% grazed silage+hay
30% maize silage
1800 Kg concentrate/cows
Time in pasture and period 8-10 h/day grazing; 15 April - 15 October

Pilot Farms

  • Wulf Bachmann Theussenberg 1 73457 Essingen Germany
  • Torsten Riha & Simone Rieger Tannenhof 1 73434 Aalen-Dewangen Germany
  • Ingrid & Willi Epting Fischbacher Str. 19 78126 Königsfeld Germany
  • Peter Kreutter Lochenrain 1 78609 Tuningen Germany
  • Jürgen Fleig Nordstetten 18 78052 Villingen-S Germany
  • Klaus Fischerkeller Johanneshof 78073 Bad Dürrheim Germany
  • Alexander Fuchs Albisreute 9 88281 Schlier Germany
  • Felix Maucher Adelshofen 1 88410 Bad Wurzach Germany
  • Robert Wespel Haslach 5 88353 Kisslegg Germany
  • Martin Kleiner Hipfelsberg 1 88512 Mengen Germany
  • Johannes Zimmermann Am Wolfsbach 24 78052 VS-Tannheim Germany
  • Peter Zembrod Goldhub 2 88276 Berg Germany
  • LAZBW Atzenberger Weg 99 88326 Aulendorf Germany
  • GbR Krug & Gack Ayweg 11 88427 Kürnbach Germany